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Aug 24 2009

day 1

it’s official–i survived my first day as a public school teacher.  oddly enough, i don’t feel any different after the experience.  i don’t know if i was expecting a dramatic change of feeling or what.  maybe it hasn’t sunk in that i’m actually a teacher.  i think this is something that i’ve wanted for so…

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Aug 24 2009

shots of the classroom

room 63 is alive and well, glistening from elbow grease and smelling of fresh 409.  as i keep telling my mother:  trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to see “before” pictures.  this certainly is a far cry from gravelly hill!  but it’s home nonetheless and i’m working hard to bring some “mr. p. personality” to…

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Aug 17 2009

home of the mighty mustangs

so after institute i had a quick summer break to move to miami.  and after visits from family members and katie it was time to get back to work.  all of the 09 corps members gathered for TFA’s round zero orientation.  this time our mission was planning for our actual classrooms!  this was a bit…

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Aug 17 2009

epic success

it’s been quite a while since my last post, the reason being that after institute i didn’t have many exciting stories about teaching.  sure, there were plenty of exciting things happening (ie: moving to miami!  visit from family!  visit from katie!) but they were about ME, not my students, or my teaching. but let’s get…

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Jul 08 2009

one test

i don’t think i’ve ever been so nervous about a test. i take that back–maybe the SAT but that was only because i hated the vocabulary analogies. my students take the CRCT today. TODAY! summer school has only been 5 weeks long and apparently they’re supposed to have all the information they need by now.…

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Jul 05 2009

way down yonder

i spent the bulk of my afternoon floating down the chattahoochie river on a bright orange innertube.  i guess institute isn’t so rough after all. 

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Jul 02 2009

it’s [kind of] friday!

Today was, by far the most exciting day in my Institute adventure.  And by exciting I mean it feels like the first time I’ve had tangible results that what I’m doing in the classroom [what my collab members and I are doing] is making a very real and very striking difference.  Just thinking about it…

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Jun 16 2009


i survived teaching my first math lesson ever.  my students are now able to add and subtract radical expressions. who would have ever thought that a music teacher could do such a thing?

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Jun 11 2009

welcome to hotlanta

after getting moved in at georgia tech and allowing the excitement to die down a bit, it’s time to hit the ground running.  we’ve been out in the schools where we’re teaching summer school for a few days but we won’t have students until next monday.  these students did not pass the CRCT (high stakes standardized…

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induction into the miami-dade corps took place this past week. we were in miami sunday through friday meeting the miami-dade regional teach for america staff, learning about the miami-dade community, and becoming acquainted with the current state of education. it’s funny how no matter who you talk to, when you tell them that you’re moving to miami…

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